Gerbera news

gerbera moment of Peter van Delft

The Gerbera Moment of Peter van Delft

We spoke with Peter van Delft, Influencer at, and Marketing Manager at Decofresh Roses

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gerbera moment of Marc Knijnenburg

The Gerbera Moment of Marc Knijnenburg

We spoke with Marc Knijnenburg, Artistic Director of LM Flower Fashion Productions. 

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10 gerbera fans op reclamemasten

300,000 road users see 10 gerbera fans on advertising masts

Successful April campaign: all of the Netherlands sees beautiful stories of the gerbera.

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gerbera moment of Juultje van Boxtel

The Gerbera Moment of Juultje van Boxtel

How nice it was to speak with Juultje van Boxtel! She is the collection designer for the floral department at Jumbo.

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Keukenhof 2024

Coloured by Gerbera visits Keukenhof

Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring park in the world, celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. We visited the beautiful Gerbera show.

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gerbera moment of Ferry Haring

The gerbera moment of Ferry Haring

We had a conversation with Ferry Haring, Product Manager of Gerbera/Freesia at Royal FloraHolland.

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gerbera moment van Henk de Mooij

The gerbera moment of Henk de Mooij

We sat down with Henk de Mooij, Park Manager of Keukenhof, during the busiest period of the year. Because Keukenhof welcomes a large number of visitors again from March 21 to May 12. And this year with a special theme, as Keukenhof celebrates its 75th anniversary!

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Gerbera fans in the spotlight along highways in the Netherlands

Gerbera fans attention! A unique opportunity to promote your gerbera moment on a digital advertising mast.

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Get the Feeling campaign 2020 postponed

April is normally one of the most important times of the year for us as gerbera growers. This year April unfortunately is a very different month than we are used to because of the coronavirus. Brighten up has been the mission of Coloured by Gerbera for quite some time, but now more appropriate than ever before. However, April is still the month of the Gerbera. Therefore, we won't stop spreading some happiness. 

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Gerbera campaign Get the Feeling

Gerbera campaign Get the Feeling launched

April is month of the gerbera and today we introduce our gerbera campaign 'Get the Feeling'. Gerbera is a flower that excels in diversity and colour, making almost anything possible. Each and every emotion you wish to share, say it with the gerbera. The aim of the campaign is to bring the diversity of gerbera to the attention of wholesalers and florists in Germany and the Netherlands. The campaign will take place from 1 to 14 April 2019.

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Florists meet Gerbera growers during Pyramide event

Tuesday the 2nd of October the Pyramide event ‘Out of the Box’ took place at the Floral Shopping Centre located at the grounds of FloraHolland. It’s an event designed for florists to get informed, inspired and to get into contact with different growers and breeders. The gerbera was greatly represented at this event. Of course, Coloured by Gerbera was present to get into personal contact with the florists that attended the event.

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Gerbera Novelties: new assortment available

B(l)ooming news! The new gerbera assortment is now available with 95 new varieties, both mini's, large-flowered and specialties. We'd like to inform you about our novelties and the new assortment poster.

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