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10 gerbera fans op reclamemasten

300,000 road users see 10 gerbera fans on advertising masts

Successful April campaign: all of the Netherlands sees beautiful stories of the gerbera.

Ultimate exposure for #gerberamoment

Over the past 4 weeks, 10 gerbera fans have seen their ultimate gerbera moment displayed on digital advertising masts throughout the Netherlands. Along the busiest highways, each winner has been visible no less than 300 times. More than 30,000 road users have seen each lucky winner. That means a total of 300,000 road users in 4 weeks!

Suprising entries
Over 150 entries were received via LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. Gerbera moments from growers during cultivation, beautiful creations from florists, lovely photos from exporters, and a large number from consumers. All with a special story. The gerbera as a bouquet at a wedding, as part of the styling of an event, or to celebrate a championship. The whole of the Netherlands has been able to see the beautiful stories of the gerbera.

Gerbera Collective Stands Strong Together
The campaign was the kick-off for Coloured by Gerbera's new season, full of gerberas. With more than 500 variations, the gerbera always manages to surprise, no matter the moment! Coloured by Gerbera is the collective of all 40 Dutch gerbera growers and breeders. They provide florists, wholesalers, and exporters with assortment information and inspiration. Through various campaigns and promotions, they put the gerbera on the international map. The campaigns are managed by the creative agency Vandeez.

You can find more information and inspiration on the landing page 'Gerbera Always Surprises'.