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Due to its diversity in shape and colour, the gerbera can respond to the latest trends. Discover the latest gerbera trends here and follow us on Instagram, view our inspiration boards or download one of our magazines.


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The gerbera is not only photogenic, but also shines on video. We've already been able to make several beautiful videos with gerbera: commercials, behind the scenes, aftermovies. Curious? Watch our videos and get inspired.  


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On our images download page you will find gerbera inspiration in various themes. From Christmas to Summer and from Pure Perfect to Belle Bohème. In addition, you can download all images in web quality or in high quality.

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Event lookbook

In our Event Lookbook you'll find images of the most beautiful events that our gerberas have been a part of. Events like the Keukenhof and colourful flower parades. Get inspired and possibly our flowers may also become part of your event!

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Florist lookbook

We cannot emphasise enough that the gerbera stands out with its many variations and colours. You can always find a unique one, which is exactly what makes the gerbera so popular with many florists. The gerbera feels at home in every city and suits you!

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