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    The gerbera brings a smile to your face! With the versatile gerbera you can effortlessly respond to the latest styling trends. The gerbera colours your day and brings cheerfulness to your interior.

Style your interior

Gerbera colours your day! 

There are 600 different gerberas. From mini to large, from curly to pointed. In the most beautiful colours. You can buy the gerbera around the corner, at your local florist or supermarket. The gerbera brightens your day and brings a smile to your face.


Gerberas all year round!



Are you a consumer looking to add some color to your interior? You can find gerberas at your local florist, supermarket or online flower shop. 


Are you a wholesaler, supermarket, retailer or e-tailer interested in having colorful and cheerful gerberas on your shelves? Place your order with one of our growers



Are you a florist in the Netherlands, Germany or Europe aiming to provide your customers with cheerful gerberas? Order the most beautiful colors and shapes from your wholesaler. 


share your creations


All gerberas are grown year-round by our more than 32 growers. The most beautiful varieties are hand-picked for you with love and attention. Naturally, our growers are very curious about the creations you make with their flowers. Will you show it to us? Share your creation using #gerberacoloursyourday

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