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Coloured by Gerbera is the collective gerbera promotion committee of the Netherlands. Its objective is to promote gerberas with florists, retailers and wholesalers. The promotion committee consists of Dutch gerbera growers and breeders.

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Our promise

Brighten up your day

Her presence means: ‘You make everything more beautiful’. And that is exactly what this flower has been doing from the very beginning. A flower that literally adds colour to your home and your life. The gerbera brings a sense of joy and happiness. That is what motivates us: to spread as much joy as we can in households all over the world. Brighten up your day with gerberas!

Coloured by Gerbera

the heart of gerbera

In 2013, all Dutch gerbera growers and breeders officially joined forces in a foundation: Coloured by Gerbera. Our mission? Providing wholesalers, florists and retailers from a single central point with a colourful and trendy flower that grows stronger every day and is always available in many variations. Coloured by Gerbera offers assortment information and inspiration.


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Coloured by Gerbera

Promotion committee

The FloraHolland Product Committee (FPC) is its official client. Annually, the promotion committee reports to the FPC members during the product meeting.

W.P. van den Berg
Joyce Lansbergen
Arjan Koolhaas
Tessa van der Wilt
FPC representative
Marcel van Vliet
Committee members
Niels Penning
Denise van Kampen
Dionne van Veen
Marketing communications
Brenda Hanemaaijer
Christy van der Sman

Creators of happiness

brand values

Our brand values describe what we stand for, what we can be recognised by and how we distinguish ourselves from the rest.

Growing strong

The cooperation within the chain is a constant process between growers and breeders to continue to improve the quality of the gerbera. Together, we stand for craftsmanship and innovation in the areas of product quality and decorative value.


The gerbera distinguishes itself because of its large colour variety and growth process. This combination makes the gerbera flexible and allows us to quickly respond to all colour and home decoration trends. The gerbera adds colour, all year round, as a gift to yourself or someone else.

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The gerbera has many variations in colour, size and shape thanks to its breeding process. This allows the gerbera to offer endless possibilities.

Creators of happiness

The gerbera, with all its colours, has been known as a cheerful, friendly and accessible flower since the very beginning. She can put a smile on anyone’s face and is always available.

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These are the most important facts and figures of the Coloured by Gerbera foundation and the affiliated gerbera growers and breeders.


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Coloured by Gerbera is supported by Royal FloraHolland.