• Coloured by Gerbera verrast altijd

    April is the gerbera month. We let gerbera moments shine along the highway!

Gerbera surprises

A gerbera for every moment, because you are special!

The fact that the gerbera always surprises is evident from the many photos we see on social media every day. The gerbera can offer joy, love, or support in any situation. That's why we encourage you to share Your gerbera moment with the #gerberamoment and tag us, @colouredbygerbera. We will showcase 10 winners on a digital advertising screen so that everyone can see that the gerbera always surprises!

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The essence of the gerbera

Gerbera always surprises

The gerbera brings happiness, love and support in each and every situation. Seven scenes illustrate the essence of the gerbera. No matter where or when you need it, the gerbera is always available - all year round. Never short of amazing. Have a look here:

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Our gerberas are back in full bloom. And they always surprise, every moment! Share your most beautiful gerbera moment and stand a chance to win the ultimate exposure on a billboard along the highway. The more original the image and story, the greater the chance to shine! Read all terms and conditions here.

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