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gerbera moment of Peter van Delft

The Gerbera Moment of Peter van Delft

We spoke with Peter van Delft, Influencer at, and Marketing Manager at Decofresh Roses

"My highlight of the past year is the commercialization of social media in the floriculture sector."

For those who don't know you, who are you and what do you do?

I am Peter van Delft, and I have two employers. At, the world's largest flowers and plants platform, I create reels for our clients, such as growers and breeders, and post them on social media. I do this under my own name on Instagram, where I have more than 260,000 followers: Instagram link. Additionally, I have 70,000 followers on TikTok and a significant number on Facebook. This work ranges from creating two reels per month to working on a project basis. Furthermore, I am responsible for marketing at Decofresh Roses, one of the largest organizations marketing Kenyan flowers. Decofresh is especially known for its roses but now also offers dozens of other types of flowers from Kenya.

What is so special about jor job? 

In the flower sector, Jan de Boer, the former director of Barendsen, and my father have been great inspirations to me, especially because of their passion for flowers. For visualization, Piet van Kampen, former director of DGI, is an example. Nowadays, I often have inspiring conversations about vision with Arnold Wittkamp, director of, and Pini Cohen, director of Decofresh. I also regularly discuss the sector with Warja Abrosimova.

Who is an inspiring example for you? 

The special thing about my job is the variety. I have been in the flower industry for 28 years and can use my extensive experience every day, which I love. I visit growers and breeders daily and am always looking for special products for 

What is your highlight of the past year?

My highlight of the past year is commercializing social media in the floriculture sector, especially through videos and reels. This has led to millions of views with flowers from growers and breeders. Additionally, I am proud of the launch of, a platform where growers, breeders, designers, and florists can meet to achieve product promotion.

What is your advice to the Dutch ornamental horticulture sector?

My tip for the Dutch floriculture sector is to collaborate and especially invest in ICT. It's important to have a vision, not to work in silos, and to recognize the power of social media. Other sectors are already much further along in this, and collaboration can lead to greater impact.

Thanks Peter for your time!