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gerbera moment van Henk de Mooij

The gerbera moment of Henk de Mooij

We sat down with Henk de Mooij, Park Manager of Keukenhof, during the busiest period of the year. Because Keukenhof welcomes a large number of visitors again from March 21 to May 12. And this year with a special theme, as Keukenhof celebrates its 75th anniversary!

"Keep innovating, communicate about it, and be proud of what you do"

For those who don't know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Henk de Mooij. I have been Manager of Park Management at Keukenhof since 2013. Under my responsibility falls primarily the "green part" of Keukenhof: the flower exhibition including the flower shows. Additionally, I am busy with matters such as traffic, safety, and logistics. In my work, I have contact with all kinds of people from the ornamental horticulture sector but also with various governments and other stakeholders, which gives me a lot of energy.

What opportunities do you see for Keukenhof in the near future?

I think Keukenhof can further expand its role as a showcase for the Dutch ornamental horticulture sector. For example, by utilizing our communication capacity even more. Keukenhof could play a role in informing consumers about innovations in the sector. Many positive things are happening "in the flowers", of which many people outside the industry are still unaware.

What is your highlight of the past year?

That's a good question. For me, the highlight is seeing people enjoy Keukenhof. This applies, of course, to the visitors but also to employees, bulb contributors, and flower show participants. If the logistics during the season run according to plan, it gives us a very good feeling. And it's beautiful to see growers with their own eyes how visitors enjoy their showcased products.

What is your advice to the Dutch ornamental horticulture sector?

Keep innovating, communicate about it, and be proud of what you do.

gerbera show keukenhopf

Photo: Gerberashow Keukenhof 2023

More information about Keukenhof and the Gerbera show can be found on the Keukenhof website.