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gerbera moment of Juultje van Boxtel

The Gerbera Moment of Juultje van Boxtel

How nice it was to speak with Juultje van Boxtel! She is the collection designer for the floral department at Jumbo.

"I am the link between Commerce and Production, ensuring that we have the most beautiful bouquets in the stores."

For those who don't know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Juultje van Boxtel. I have been working in the Flowers and Plants department at Jumbo since 2008. Since 2022, I have been in the role of Collection Designer for the floral department, previously serving as Team Leader in our own flower shop where we create bouquets for all Jumbo stores. In my role, I am responsible for the design of the bouquets, as well as contributing to the assortment of mono lines, bouquets with a single type of flower, and I also work on packaging. Ultimately, I am a bridge between Commerce and Production to ensure that what we conceive in Commerce is well executed in production so that we have the most beautiful bouquets in the stores..

What opportunities do you see for the floriculture industry in the retail sector?

Providing even more information to the customer, offering more information and opportunities to involve the customer in the world of flowers, such as innovations and what they mean for the customer. Especially with the current developments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

What is your highlight of the past year?

Certainly, the activation we did during the week against loneliness. Together with Colette Cloosterman van Eerd as ambassador and co-owner of Jumbo, we held workshops in some Jumbo stores where we let "lonely" elderly people experience a pleasant afternoon with snacks and drinks, allowing them to create a beautiful bouquet themselves. And of course, they got to take it home! Additionally, we offered Conversation Bouquets in all Jumbo stores with a nice card where a friendly message could be written.

What is your advice to the Dutch ornamental horticulture sector?

Continue to evolve and be creative. Additionally, I would like to see more consumer research to ensure that we are really offering the right products. What does our customer really want?

Thanks Juultje!