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gerbera moment of Marc Knijnenburg

The Gerbera Moment of Marc Knijnenburg

We spoke with Marc Knijnenburg, Artistic Director of LM Flower Fashion Productions. 

"We work for world-renowned beauty brands, where flowers are an important part of the campaigns."

For those who don't know you, who are you and what do you do?

My name is Marc Knijnenburg, approaching half a century young this September. Together with Raymond, we create blooming moments at events and weddings and serve as the in-house florist for the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. With LM Flower Fashion Productions, we style weddings, exclusive galas, high-profile brand activations, memorable dinners, and artistic concepts for hotels, restaurants, and the trendy entertainment industry.

What opportunities do you see for the floriculture industry in the retail sector?
Flowers add value and enrich every event. From reflecting a company's corporate identity through colors to enhancing the atmosphere of an event space with flowers. For years, we have collaborated with world-renowned beauty and perfume brands, where flowers are not only an inspiration but also an ingredient. Flowers play a significant role in their launches and campaigns. Additionally, the weekly flowers we style at the Amstel Hotel are part of an experience. International guests enjoy seasonal flowers from the moment they enter the lobby to their tables in the restaurant, and we feel proud of the high-quality, beautiful Dutch products we showcase!.
What is your highlight of the past year?

There have been so many! From styling hundreds of roses at a rose grower's wedding at a romantic location, a wedding on the beautiful Vecht, a grand wedding with royal allure in Duinrell, to the flowers for our niece’s wedding, which was a celebration. The launch of the Bridgerton series for Netflix was a floral event inspired by the flowers seen in the series. Each year brings beautiful brand activations, including those for Sisley, Kylie (Jenner) Cosmetics, and Gucci. But styling a dinner table, from the linens to the dishes and, of course, the flowers, remains a favorite of ours! Last week, we enjoyed the Eurovision Song Contest, reminiscing about the unforgettable experience of styling the flowers for Eurovision in Rotterdam, where there was such an incredibly good atmosphere and we made so many valuable contacts and memories. The gerberas were a colorful highlight at various Eurovision venues, including the Eurovision heart of gerberas at Ahoy.

What is your advice to the Dutch ornamental horticulture sector?

The Dutch ornamental horticulture sector has been thriving for years. However, we always see so many more opportunities to promote products beyond the standard promotional moments in the horticulture sector. This way, other sectors can discover the enhancing power of flowers and plants, reaching a new audience.