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Gerbera Novelties: new assortment available

B(l)ooming news! The new gerbera assortment is now available with 95 new varieties, both mini's, large-flowered and specialties. We'd like to inform you about our novelties and the new assortment poster.

New assortment online

We've updated the gerbera assortment on our website so florists, exporters and wholesalers from all over the world can view the latest gerbera assortment, including our new varieties. With our tool you can easily filter the gerbera colour and type of your choice. Or filter the newest gerbera types.  

Discover new gerbera varieties

There are 615 gerbera varieties available of which 95 gerberas are new: small and large flowered, specialties and standard. From Piccolini to Pomponi to Pastini and many more. Did you know members can download high quality images of all our gerberas by logging in on our website? Not a Coloured by Gerbera member yet? Register now!

Novelties Gerbera poster 2018

Thanks to a collaboration between Royal FloraHolland and the Dutch gerbera breeders the Novelties Gerbera poster 2018 is established. All new breeds are listed with the associated grower(s). The poster is online available and at all the locations of Royal FloraHolland and auction Rhein-Maas. As a member you are the first to receive the Novelties Gerbera poster in your mailbox.

Download the assortment poster and discover the 95 NEW gerbera varieties.

Download the assortment poster and discover the 95 NEW gerbera varieties.