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Gerbera campaign Get the Feeling

Gerbera campaign Get the Feeling launched

April is month of the gerbera and today we introduce our gerbera campaign 'Get the Feeling'. Gerbera is a flower that excels in diversity and colour, making almost anything possible. Each and every emotion you wish to share, say it with the gerbera. The aim of the campaign is to bring the diversity of gerbera to the attention of wholesalers and florists in Germany and the Netherlands. The campaign will take place from 1 to 14 April 2019.

Meet the gerbera family

The gerbera is available in almost every conceivable colour and with its numerous shapes, it can be used for many bouquets and arrangements. The wide range of gerberas is now clearly divided into seven categories. The gerbera is part of a large family and relates to many different personalities. From charming to atmospheric, from sassy to going with everything. Discover the versatile gerbera family on our campaign site:


Unique collaboration

It's the first time that gerbera is campaigning by cooperating within the entire chain. From the growers who carry out the campaign individually and spreading uniform Diamond packaging, to wholesalers who display an extensive assortment of gerbera and striking store material. With an online activation campaign, the florist is made aware of the versatility of the flower and is referred to the participating wholesalers. Florists are encouraged to share their gerbera creations online with #feelinggerbera. OZ Export is official partner for the German market. Participating wholesalers and auctions can be found on the campaign site.

New website

Recently our updated website was launched with the seven categories. Florists and wholesalers will mainly benefit from the extensive assortment page. In addition to better filtering options (by category, colour, heart colour and diameter), it is now also stated at which growers the gerbera is available and they are directly linked to their corresponding data. Moreover, the gerbera images can be downloaded in web quality and high quality.