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Coloured by Gerbera sponsored Wim Hazelaar Trophy

Coloured by Gerbera sponsored Wim Hazelaar Trophy

On the 7th and 8th of November twelve international florists competed against each other to win the Wim Hazelaar Trophy. Spread over different assignments the florists created seven floral arrangements. For one of the assignments the contestants had to create a floral party using gerberas. The gerberas used for these creations were sponsored by Coloured by Gerbera.

Wim Hazelaar Trophy

This was the third edition of the Wim Hazelaar Trophy held at the International Floriculture Trade Fair and organised by World of Flowers. Last year Coloured by Gerbera sponsored the contest for the first time. Considering the beautiful designs resulting from the contest we didn’t hesitate to join again this year. You can find a picture of every design down below.

International contestants

Every year twelve international florists from all over the world join the competition. This year the contestants were: Annet van der Welle, Dan Xavier, Harvey Haak, Chae Hee Hong, Ioana Zahia-Zlatea, Jonas Jensen, Juanita van Dooremaal, Sandra Attema, Welte, Tanja van Bijlevelt, Tarmo Noormets, Thijs Harmens, Veslemøy Gundersen.

The winners

Every assignment had three winners and at the end one of the florists won the whole competition. The trophy was won by Dan Xavier, a Danish florist who specialises in bridal designs. To see his creation and the winning creations of the gerbera assignment, take a look at these pictures.