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5 reasons why gerberas colour the arrival of Sinterklaas

Sinterklaas or Saint-Nicholas is a typical Dutch event for little children and their parents. You might even say the biggest children event in the Netherlands. Sinterklaas is a character loved by children and adults. He is accompanied by his white horse Amerigo and a team of so called Pieten.

Their annual arrival mid-November and Sinterklaas evening 5 December (gifts) are a true happening. Since a few years the gerberas of Coloured by Gerbera play a huge role in the arrival of Sinterklaas. Why? Our five reasons why gerberas colour the arrival of Sinterklaas:

1. Dutch holiday, Dutch flower

As said before Sinterklaas is a typical Dutch holiday. The gerbera is a typical Dutch flower. One plus one is two. National events in the Netherlands are often decorated with flowers, while this is the third exportproduct of the country.

2. Colourful and festive

The gerbera is known as a colourful, cheerful flower. Holland produces 900 million gerberas a year with 600 varieties in colours, shapes and sizes. The round shape is modern and very typical for how children draw flowers in general. Check out our gerbera assortment

3. Accessible to all

If you think of an accessible flower, you think of the gerbera. Almost everybody loves gerberas. That's why it's a suitable flower to hand out and put a smile on people's faces.

4. Suitable for artworks

Because of its large assortment and affordability the possibilities are endless. Therefore the gerbera is often used for artworks with flowers. Have you seen the amazing teddybear at the stage of Sinterklaas? Or the decorated vehicles during flower corso? Check our Pinterest board Gerbera Specials for more inspiration.

5. Longer shelf life

The shelf life of the gerbera has been greatly improved with the current range. An iron wire to keep the flower up is unnecessary. The flower can bloom all day.